Our Vision

Welcome to Hampton Station!  We are a collaborative community of creative and cutting edge local businesses and artists who share resources, common spaces, and inspired ideas.  At Hampton Station, we are creating a new approach to work, shop, exercise, eat and drink.  

Hampton Station isn’t buttoned up; we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to play; to interrupt serious work with a serious game of frisbee; to spend time with interesting people; to create things that make our lives more fun and more beautiful.  

Our residents, too, operate in a different way and with a different mindset: serious business people but laid back in approach–intentional and creative and communal. We have fun at work at Hampton Station, doing what we each love in a space that inspires us and draws us together and outside.  

The design of the property is a bit unconventional, too. Parking isn’t front and center and that’s purposeful. We want green to be the priority, the view you see from the storefronts. And if that means you get a little wet walking from your car to the shop, we say, grab those rainboots and put them to work! Our design also gives priority to cyclists and pedestrians, so come find us via the new orange spur of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, which drops you right at our doorstep! We tore up lots of old asphalt and concrete and replaced it with green spaces and trees; things we found onsite or took off during remodeling have been put to new uses instead of being added to a landfill (see the old cotton baler turned table in White Duck Taco or the old racks turned into biergarten tables, to name a few).  

So come join us! Bring your family (two and four legged!) and your friends! Come enjoy the amazing services our residents provide, purchase the products they make, come take a spin on our bike loop. Our vision is for Hampton Station to be more than a place you come to work or to eat your dinner or to buy a product or enjoy a service. It is an experience in fun, in community and in slowing down to enjoy the journey.

The Hampton Station Story