Our Story

When a group of friends bought an abandoned cotton warehouse in the Water Tower District of Greenville, we started to ask ourselves: What would WE like to have here? What would Greenville benefit from having? And, we set out to create it.

Over some months of baby steps, family gatherings onsite complete with kids on bikes and scooters riding in and out of the empty warehouse bays and up loading docks, and a portable grill for a cookout a few times, we dreamed and revised our vision of what might be possible for the property. We added team members with not only professional expertise but also a passion for the vision. We sought out diverse businesses that embraced our vision of community and complimented each other in what they offered to the Greenville landscape. The result? An entirely new concept for working and relaxing. A thriving space for some of Greenville’s most innovative and exciting businesses. And, an exciting space for our community to enjoy, right in the urban heart of Greenville. A place that still, at its heart, is a group of friends.