Yellowbobbypins Art Camp

1320 Hampton Avenue Extension, Studio 607
Greenville, SC 29635


Hours of Operation

All classes are scheduled by appointment on the website

Who We Are

For the budding artist in your life, Yellowbobbypins Art Camp offers semester classes or drop-in art classes for ages 2-12. Classes strengthen creative problem-solving, build confidence, and teach about various art techniques such as painting, drawing, and mixed media art. We focus on the process of creating more than the end product, allowing kids to learn flexibility and dive deep into the nuances of the artistic process.

Kids of all ages are welcome, with classes in groups of different age ranges (2-6 years old; 4-6 years old; 7-9 years old; 10-12 years old). Parents can opt to have their child in the classes for the full semester, exploring a core theme throughout. Or, drop-in classes are also available, where the child can join the group to explore the theme for that day. Summer Camps and Birthday parties are also favorites with our customers.

Inside Scoop

Yellowbobbypins Art Camp is the brain child of Lauren Runion, a veteran art teacher with a love for paint covered hands. Lauren has a knack for inventing projects that make her husband’s eyes bulge until he remembers that all that creative chaos is happening in the studio and not at his house.