PB & Ink

1320 Hampton Ave Ext
Bay 206
Greenville, SC 29601

(646) 621-1067

Hours of Operation

Everyday After 3pm
and by Appointment 24/7

Who We Are

My name is Jared J. VanDeusen; PB & Ink is an umbrella for my many vocations within the realms of Art, Architecture, Science, Horticulture, and Metaphysics. Mixed media, painting, collage, sculpture investigate the inherent duality embedded in the fabric of the Universe. Furniture and Architecture blend elegant lines and materials with the grit and Brutalism of the city streets. For Esoterically inclined individuals, I am well versed in Philosophy, as well as the Arcane Arts, and Occult Sciences. Come in, have a discussion, play Chess. Most days you will find me here just tending to the Plants.

Inside Scoop

I was born and raised in New York, before moving to the West Coast to double major in Architecture and Physics at California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo. After that I spent 3 years in New York City under the cruel tutelage of the infamous Master Bricoleur Tom Sachs. The next 8 years were spent grinding in my own personal studio and producing extremely high end Residential Architecture in historic and land marked buildings on NYC’s Upper West Side. Specializing in transitional style residencies, blending antique, ornate, and opulent design with modern amenities, materials, and finishes. I still hold a position as Project Manager at the illustrious BP Architects in NYC. I have always maintained a productive pursuit of Painting, Sculpture, and Furniture making in my free time, along with a lifelong dedication to street art. I am a new resident of South Carolina, having escaped the city to pursue my own goals. I am intent on learning, evolving, and producing to the best of my abilities.