Greenville Wordsmiths

The Wordmobile: Back of the Hampton Station Parking Lot
Administrative Office: 582 Perry Avenue, Greenville, SC


Hours of Operation

Weekly drop-in workshops are announced on our Instagram page! @gvlwordsmiths

Who We Are

Greenville Wordsmiths empowers kids to discover their creative voices through writing. We provide storytelling and publishing workshops that bring out the author in every child. Many of these workshops take place on The Wordmobile, our bus-classroom conversion now housed at Hampton Station.

Inside Scoop

Why Hampton Station? Greenville Wordsmiths is one of the most playful nonprofits in Greenville, and the funky vibes of Hampton Station are a perfect fit for our laid-back and child-driven approach to education. Plus, coffee and tacos.

What’s in your reading stack right now? The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Beyond A Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake – what can we say? We work with kids, so YA is our jam!

Most important tool or piece of equipment for running your business and why? A pencil. We rarely let our authors use computers for drafts, because there is something magical about the slow pace of writing out a story by hand.